June 2                  Seminar #5 Part II  A Specular View of Matter: Reading Luce Irigaray with Judith Butler, hosted by Charmaine

May 21, 25, 26    Seminar #5 Reading Judith Butler, PartI  Bodies That Matter, Introduction & Chapter One, hosted by Tsz Yuen

Juanuary 18, 23   Seminar #4 Felix Guattari’s Machinic Animism: Relational Subjectivity, hosted by Bogna 


August 13              Seminar #3 Between Idealism and Materialism: On Sense and Object, by Terran Tsang

August 11-28         Seminar #2 Lacan's Seminar VII: The Ethics of Psychoanalysis, hosted by Nelson Zhang

July 10-August 7   Seminar #1 Deleuze and Materialist Genesis, hosted by Lai Tsz Yuen

May 22                  Symposium · Why Do We Need A New Materialism, hosted by Lai Tsz Yuen                               

March 31               Manifesto (draft) for New Materialism Society 

January 29            Website launched