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▲ Bogna M Konior
She received her Ph.D. in Humanities and Creative Writing from Hong Kong Baptist University. She holds a RMa in Media Studies from the University of Amsterdam. She heads the Institute for Critical Animal Studies, Asia.


▲ Cao Xuenan 

I am a Ph.D. student of Program in Literature, Duke University. I am interested in forms of (im/inter-)mediation in the technology of communication, for instances, internet, television, and physical transportation. My current project explores the logistical aspect of digital communication, which is an attempt to explain the much-debated “post-modernism” in aesthetics in contemporary China. profile

▲ Charmaine Carvalho  

She received her Ph.D. in Humanities and Creative Writing from Hong Kong Baptist University. Her research interests are gender studies, feminism, popular culture and the construction of selfhood. She is working towards a dissertation on the fashioning of the “single Indian woman” in Indian chick lit novels.

▲ Derek So,He is currently studying mathematics at Cambridge university and has read through Badiou's three major works on ontology: L'Être et l'Événement (1988), Logiques des mondes. L'être et l'événement, 2 (2006), and L'immanence des vérités (2018).


▲ Lai Tsz Yuen 

Dr. LAI Tsz Yuen is chief editor of website channel “01 philosophy” (channel of He received his Ph.D. in Humanities and Creative Writing from Hong Kong Baptist University. His major research topic is “transcendental materialism”. He was working as cultural critic, curator and art educator since 2009. His book Topography: 12 Interviews with Contemporary Art Institutions in Hong Kong was published in 2011. 



▲ Lee Si Yi 

He received his Ph.D. in Department of Cultural and Religious Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. His research topic includes: railway, train and the modernity of China. 



▲ Nelson Zhang 

He is a Ph.D. student of Department of Philosophy, Tsinghua University (Beijing), research topic: Maoism and French contemporary philosophy.



▲ Terran Tsang  

He is a Ph.D. student of Department of Philosophy, Peking University, research topic: German Idealism after Kant.


▲ Zeng Hong

Zeng Hong, lecturer and curator of School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong.